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Wed, Dec 12, 2012 2:46 PM

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE III Driver Download Issues?

Good Morning:


Downloaded the Windows drivers for the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE III via Windows update.  Actually, it was two files downloaded.  All OK, or so I thought.


However when attaching the phone via supplied USB cable, the following messsage appears on the computer monitor's lower right side:


                                            " HARDWARE I.D. MISSING.  WINDOWS CANNOT IDENTIFY DEVICE PLUGGED

                                                                    INTO SAMSUNG MOBILE USB COMPOSITE DEVICE"


Computer is running WIN HOME PREMIUM VISTA,  service pack 2 and 64 bit system.  Never had this message prior to downlaoding the two previously mentioned files.


Any suggestion?  Thanks in advance.


- - Greg





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8 y ago

Clarify for us whether you are referring to the Galaxy Note II or the Galaxy S III.  If you really meant the Galaxy Note III, that could be the problem as that device hasn't been released yet. Smiley Wink




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8 y ago

I have that problem to most of time. I just unplug usb and plug back in. Then always works. Once in a while i have to change usb ports. Then takes a bit to load phone stats in. But i always can get it to work. Kies has always been stubborn.

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