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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Wednesday, July 26th, 2023 4:26 PM

rtsp streaming stopped working with new S23 Plus

I upgraded my phone from an S21+ to an S23+ this week. I have a streaming application that allows me to view rtsp streams from security cameras at my second home. It was working fine on the S21+. After upgrading to the S23+, it no longer works. Is there some setting on the S23+ that is blocking rtsp? Anyone else having this issue? 

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4 months ago

Good evening @RickQ, your security is vital to us, and we are here to help!

If may be helpful to check the device settings to make sure that the app has appropriate permissions to access your camera:

Permission manager

Apps might access features of your device that you permit them to (like the camera,
microphone, or location) when they are running in the background, not just when you
are using the app. You can set your device to notify you when this happens.

1. From Settings, tap Security and privacy > Privacy > Permission manager.
2. Tap a category, then tap an app to select which permissions you want to be
notified about.

NOTE: When using an app or service for the first time that wants to access certain
features of your device, a dialog box asks if you want to permit such access.

Controls and alerts

Control app access to the camera, microphone, and clipboard..

1. From Settings, tap Security and privacy > Privacy.
2. Under Controls and alerts tap the following options to enable or disable:

Camera access: Allow apps to use the camera if they have the appropriate
Microphone access: Allow apps to use the microphone if they have the
appropriate permissions.
Alert when clipboard accessed: Get an alert when an app accesses content
copied to the clipboard.

Please let us know if this helps so we can assist further!

Joseph, AT&T Community Specialist

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