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Sun, Jan 13, 2013 5:14 PM

Problems placing and receiving calls on Galaxy S3

About two months ago I picked up a new Galaxy S3 phone (switched from IPhone4) and a couple of days ago I have had people say that when they call me they get an operator style message that says this phone is not receiving calls at this time. Also when I try and place a call out it shows that it is dialing on the screen then beeps at me and says call ended without ever connecting. I have spoken to AT&T support twice and they reactivated the phone both times. I have had AT&T for over two years and have not moved and the service has always been fine. Can anyone give me and insight into why this may be happening. Thank you





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8 y ago



I am faced with the exact same problem. My phone recieves calls when it feels like. I dont even get a notification that I missed a call.


I did 30 calls back to back to my galaxy S3  from a friends phone and 12 of them vanished into some other dimension - no notification on my phone that I missed those 12 calls. Every now and then, I get the message that I am not accepting any phone calls.


Also I have noticed that when I am dialling out of my galaxy S3, it beeps and cuts off.


I started noticing these issues after upgrading to JB 4.1.1


Have spoken to ATT reps several times.Changed SIM cards. Spoke to device warranty guys and got myself a new phone AND still these issues persists.


I am fed up, and trapped for another 1.5 years under ATT with an extremely unreliable phone. If any one else has these issues, please bring it up to ATT's attention. 


Also there is a larger thread tracking this issue :


Place make fresh posts there to keep it on top of the page



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7 y ago

I've had the same problem for about a month.  I can text and access the internet but can't place or receive calls.  I was told by AT&T that an update to cell tower caused the problem.  I went out of town and the phone worked perfectly.  But when I got back to my home area I couldn't make or receive calls.  I've had my sim replaced 3 times.  I'm on my second escalation ticket.  Frustrating.


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7 y ago

Cell tower update?
In my opinion, you are paying for cell service, you should get what you pay for. With many giving up landlines and relying on cell phones, your phone has to work.
I don't believe the tower story. If that were true, all AT&T customers would have the same complaint.
two options:
1. If you are out of warranty, take the phone to a local Best Buy that has a Samsung Rep in house. When my GPS wasn't holding, they update my phone to 4.4 and it is back running great.

2. If you are in warranty. The squeaky wheel.... Take the phone to an AT&T store and be ready to stand your ground. The phone is faulty, it isn't the SIM card. There is something wrong with the hardware.
I had a GS3 and now have the Note 3. these are great phones, don't loose hope!

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