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Friday, August 19th, 2016 3:36 AM

Note 7 Shipping UPS GROUND???

Preordered Note 7, phone shipped according to ATT on 8/17/16 via UPS Ground.


I won't get my phone until 8/22/16 while everyone that didn't preorder can get it tomorrow.


Whoever made the decision to ship UPS Ground instead of Air should be fired.



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7 years ago

T-Mobile people started getting their Note 7 Wednesday Aug. 18 yesterday.   Good Ole AT&T.  Who knows when you will get Android 7 for it, when Note 4 and S5 are still waiting at AT&T.  Loosing customers over this.  I sure would not have gotten a new $800 phone from AT&T with their record for updates.  My  Opinion...



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7 years ago

They haven't even shipped to Best BUY yet. At&t really f#$% up here. I pre-order mine 2 weeks ago and now have to wait.
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