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Thursday, February 19th, 2015 3:52 PM

No messaging notification while using app since KitKat update

I've beaten most of the issues I've had since the KitKat update a couple weeks ago but I still can't seem to fix this. If I'm not using my messaging app I get sound and vibration notifications when a new text message comes in. But if I'm actually in the messaging app in a converstaion I get none. I can see messages coming in if I'm looking at the screen but no sound or vibration. If another contact sends a message I get the notification and can switch over but I get nothing during an active text. Sounds like some kind of silly new "feature" but I actually want to hear a tone play or get a vibration if I put the phone down to look up at something and the person replies back before the phone goes to sleep 3 minutes later.

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9 years ago

Hi there @UniCav


I’d be happy to help with your messaging! May I ask which messaging app you are using? This is something which is present in quite a number of apps, such as Hangouts. I’d recommend trying an alternative messaging app to receive notifications whilst active in the messaging app.




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