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Tue, Oct 2, 2018 1:25 AM

Mobile hotspot won't connect to internet

Alcatel (5044r)  I use att prepaid, I have the unlimited plus plan. I've been using my phone as a hotspot. I've done this for months to stream movies on my Xbox. It's been about a week now and it won't connect to the internet. Shows 100% network signal strength but no internet connection. Att doesn't help we've tried everything.    Any help would be great.



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2 years ago

Good afternoon @Lukassage, we'd be glad to assist you. We invite you to walk through some troubleshooting steps in our Troubleshoot and Resolve tool. Just select your device and the issue that you're experiencing. Thanks for reaching out to us.


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a month ago

Some kind of update happened on Monday of this week and my internet doesn't work anymore on my nighthawk mobile hotspot.  I have called numerous times to be told two different stories one there is a known issue and then there isn't and people coming and having to get new SIM cards it's pretty clear that AT&T causes issue and you are just putting the problem on the consumer and don't care.  I have been through every possible troubleshooting scenario and my hotspot works fine as do my phone and computer which are finding the hotspot but even though I have a full 18 gigs of data on my account that I just paid for 3 days ago it says I don't have any Internet.  I have called and stopped in the store and I basically get hands in the air oh well that's not our problem we can't help you and no one wants to give my money back for the service I paid for 3 days ago or for the router that I can no longer use.  if you want to fix the real problems in this country start with holding companies accountable that have unethical business practices.  the least I should get is my money back for my service that it's clear I cannot use... However just being honest would be nice too if you could manage to do that. 

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