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Sun, Sep 20, 2020 12:55 PM

Mobile Hotspot is Super Slow


My mobile hotspot is super slow, even though my phone has great download and upload speed where I'm at. I have a Samsung S20 phone. I'm on the Unlimited Elite plan and I'm not even close to being throttled because of usage (I've only used 6.1GB so far this cycle). To be clear, it does work and my computer can connect to my phone's hotspot just fine. My computer says I have internet and it will eventually download a web page or file, but it takes a very long time.

A good example right now. I have 3 bars of 5G on my phone right now. Ookla speedtest says 43.4 Mbps down and 3.02 Mbps, ping is 26ms, jitter is 7ms - running on my phone. If I go to (which is powered by Ookla), the page load alone is over 2 minutes, download is decent at 0.7 Mbps, ping is 29ms, jitter is 7ms and it is stuck at 2.6 Mbps right now trying the finish the upload portion of the test. I can reload the page and try again and I get varying levels of speed, ping and jitter, but it takes a couple of minutes each time to find the optimal server and actually start the test.


I'm having to type this forum post while connected to my Verizon hotspot, which I'm desperately trying to get rid of, due to cost... Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


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a month ago

I should also mention, I've tried a different computer connected to my phone's hotspot, with the same results.

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a month ago

Hi @rjorr,


Thank you for reaching out. We are more than happy to take a closer look into this for you.


In order to best assist, we want to know:

  • how long has this been going on
  • did you try connecting other mobile devices like tablets, smartphone to the hotspot to see if there is a difference
  • have you tried restarting your device to see if it helps

You can also try our troubleshooting tool for further assistance.


Please reach back if you still need assistance.


Doyin, AT&T Community Specialist.


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