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Wed, Nov 6, 2019 6:42 PM

MMS does not work when Wifi Calling Activated

Samsung Galaxy S10 

I was having a ton of trouble receiving picture messages (MMS) whenever Wifi Calling is active.

I tried Stock Samsung Messages app, Textra, and Google Messages. (currently still using Google Messages)


My home has horrible reception (outside great, inside horrid), so after Wifi calling went active (we used to use a microcell that had horrible data speeds) we figured most issues would be fixed.

Well now, I get day late clues (no notification at all) that someone sent me a MMS and i have to "download" it. Or, if someone sent me a MMS while wifi/wifi calling were turned on, I would see the spinning photo box, but it would never show a picture. Not until I restarted my phone in good data coverage or by random it would work. I thought it had something to do with Iphones sending to my android (as most of the people I know use iphone), but found out last week that it was Android as well. After hours of trial and error, I thought it was wifi itself. But this happens at work (where I have great 4glte and 5g) and while at home (where I have horrible 4glte inside the house). After digging further and further, I found WIFI CALLING to be the culprit. 


If i receive a MMS while wifi calling is active, It will not download. You cannot receive the message and just turn wifi calling off, as it won't download still. You have to receive the message while wifi calling is turned off to properly receive the picture message.

Anyone have any idea on what to do? 


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3 weeks ago

I have been a loyal At&t customer for 15 year+. I've never had this problem and suddenly it's an issue that can't be resolved... I operate 2 business's from my house and missing calls and messages is not an option for me. Does anyone know of a solution? (If you say turn off wifi calling I will be forced to stooge you)

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Calls are not an issue for others, just MMS.
What phone/s are affected?

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2 days ago

Read through this thread and wanted to share....I have an S10+. Pretty sure I remember having this problem with previous Galaxys as well. I'm in the same boat as most, better reception with WIFI calling enabled. When I get an MMS in, I turn off WIFI calling and re-click the MMS that wasn't downloadable and then it downloads. Then I turn WIFI calling back on. Super annoying

Called Samsung, they said its an ATT problem and I tend to believe that. Called ATT yesterday, they "ESCALATED" my issue, said its a known problem, will be back to me within 48 hours. I'm expecting to hear there's nothing they can do an they're working on it (they're not) within 48 hours. This has been a problem for years.

The reason this isn't a problem for iPhones (which I hate) is that Apple maintains their own message system with iMessage. They are carrier reliant. I'm also have the problem of not seeing some messages in group chats with iPhans.

There is hope. Google has finished RCS messaging and is waiting for carriers to get on board. That is more like iMessages and I'm hoping will really solve this problem without ATT's involvement.

Here's a link if you're interested"

FYI, I did switch to Google Messages from the stock Samsung messaging app and agreed on the RCS (even though they don't call it that) function, but I still have the same problem with my phone, undownloadable MMS with WIFI calling enabled, which kind of tells me ATT has not allowed RCS yet. At least Google is putting on pressure and has more pull than we do.

Long story short, you may have to turn off WIFI calling to get those pics or group chats for a while. Sorry. And let's be honest, calling ATT is a waste of your time unless you really just need someone to talk to.