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Tue, Jan 28, 2020 4:22 PM

Loud beeping during phone calls! Started within last couple months...

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and have been with At&t for 2.5 yrs. A couple months ago I started getting this loud beep during phone calls. Its only occasionally but happens a couple times a day while on phone calls. It's sounds similar to the loud beep you hear when being notified your call is being recorded on some lines which makes me feel uneasy. My signal strength is really good when I'm on the phone and there's no one trying to call in on call-waiting. It happens when I'm on wifi AND just on AT&T network.

I've googled and seen many others with this exact same issue and all types of devices, Apple and Android, are expressing the same concerns as me,

What is this?? What's causing it?? My boyfriend has a phone with a different carrier (Sprint) and is in the same areas as I am and doesnt experience this issue. There's no way to record it as you never know when its going to happen.

If this can't be resolved I may need to change carriers.





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a month ago


Is it the minute minder? Check phone settings for that feature and make sure it’s off. It’s an old feature that used to be a thing when plans were metered by the minute.

If that’s not the solution, backup your stuff and do a full reset. If persisting call customer support at (Phone number hidden) and say “technical support” when promoted for reason for call.


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