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Wed, Sep 25, 2019 4:31 PM

LG Phoenix Plus Turn off Backup & Sync messages

I have a prepaid ATT phone, LG Phoenix Plus (K30).


With the prepaid service, the ATT Backup & Sync service is not available. This is fine-- I don't want it and never wanted it. My problem is that most of the time I open the messaging app, I get an error message telling me that Backup & Sync is not available. I can't find a way to stop it trying to turn it on and then telling me about it.


I'm not computer illiterate. I've spent hours looking for a solution online. So, to get a couple things out of the way:

1. There is no "stop backup" hyperlink for me to click in messaging settings. The service has to be on for this option to appear. As I said, my phone is incapable of turning on Backup & Sync.

2. There is no stand-alone Backup & Sync app to force a stop on. It is evidently integrated into the messaging app.

3. My only clickable options in message settings are "Turn On" -- which fails to work, obviously. And "Not Now" -- which does nothing to stop the error messages.

4. My model of phone does not have a Usage Manager app, or a cache to clear that I can find.

5. I have no options on MyATT to disable the service, since clearly it is not available with my account type.


The only solution I can see is to switch to a 3rd party messaging app. Is there anything else I can try first?


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a year ago

Hello @Uselessnotifs,


Thanks for reaching out. For Prepaid account support, please contact 800.901.9878. You can also check self-service options by clicking here:


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

Thanks for the absolutely worthless bot reply, "Sean"! I'm sure talking to someone in India about my prepaid account will really help me figure out my phone's obscure app features.


3rd party messaging app it is, then.


To all the actual humans reading this, I would not recommend an LG phone. This irritating Backup & Sync error message is just one of many issues I've had with its clumsy user interface. I miss my Samsung.

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