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Sun, May 22, 2016 9:13 PM

LG G4 Blackouts When Making A Phone Call

I don't have trouble making phone calls when my phone is connected to a bluetooth device, but when using the device alone, the screen goes black when selecting the phone icon to dial a contact.  Also when receiving a phone call while the phone is sleep, the screen stays black and there is no way to see who is calling or even answer the phone.  I shouldn't have to wear a bluetooth headset 24/7, so if there is a solution, I would greatly appreciate the answer.  I really like the phone, but it is a pain to make phone calls.

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​​Hi @clsunlimited


Thank you for reaching out to AT&T through Community Forums! We definitely apologize that you are having issues with the device blacking out when still in use! We want to make sure that you have a working device.


It is seeming that there might be an issue with the proximity sensor on your LG G4 device.


The most common reason for this issue is that the proximity sensor on your phone is not working correctly. The proximity sensor is a small little sensor, usually on the top of the phone next the logo or speaker you hold up to your ear. The sensor is supposed to recognize when you hold your phone up to your ear, so that the phone will lock (turns on the black screen), then you won’t accidently press keys with your cheek when talking to other people on the phone.


After you’re done with your conversation and remove the phone from your ear the sensor is then supposed to unlock your screen and allow you to end the call.


*#7353# will access the Device Diagnostic Tool on your device to be able to test the proximity sensor.


Keep an eye on the top area of the phone above the display. If the sensor has oil from your skin or makeup covering it then it might not work correctly. Also make sure if you have a case, especially one that might not be made specifically for the phone you’re using, make sure it’s not covering the sensor. If your sensors clean and doesn’t have anything obstructing its view then it could be something like a bug or a glitch.


Another option you can test out is placing the device in Safe Mode. To turn on Safe Mode:


  1. Press and hold the Power button (located on the back) until Phone options is displayed then release.
  2. Select and hold Power off until Restart in safe mode is displayed.
  3. From the Reboot to safe mode prompt, tap Turn on safe. This restart process may take up to one minute to complete.


As a last resort and if the issue persists, you can backup and factory reset the device. To factory reset the device, you can click on the Device Support website through AT&T and access Reset Device.


If you would like to troubleshoot the device in person, you have the option of a Device Support Center. To locate one in your area, click on Troubleshooting at Device Support Center.


Hope this helps! Thank you for choosing AT&T for your wireless services!

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Thanks Tim,


I posed the same questions directly to LG support, and they agreed with your assessment and also added that if I was using a screen protector that it would cause the symptoms that I described.  The screen protector that I was using at the time covered the entire screen.  I have since switched to a screen protector that has a cutout for the proximity sensor and the front facing camera.  Happy to report that I haven't had any issues since making this change.  Which makes me extra happy because I really love this phone!



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My G6's screen goes dark when I use Bluetooth in the car, so I cannot tap 1 for this or 2 for that.  How do I stop this?

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