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Tue, Aug 13, 2013 12:17 AM

Latest S3 "upgrade" has problems with email, battery life

Did the upgrade yesterday and now the phone keeps dragging in emails (from Comcast) that I deleted from the phone long ago. Delete them again and they just keep coming back in the next half hour or so. Also, battery life now < 8 hours but was >30 before "upgrade." Spent 45 minutes on phone with technical support to no avail other than being told I need to buy an SD card, back up my phone, reset and reload and "That might fix it." or spend the best part of a day driving to a Device Support Center and they "might" fix it. Had the same problem email problem with my Infuse 4G after an "upgrade" 18 months or so ago and had to buy a new phone which worked fine until this "Upgrade."


Any others have the same problem?







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8 y ago

Do not post your personal info, such as your phone number on this forum. 


If you can log into this website to make posts, you should be able to use the Private Message function to contact Julie, as she instructed. 

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