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Tuesday, November 16th, 2021 11:57 AM



Ivannie here.

I'm currently in Africa, Uganda.

Sad to say but I'm unable to install any sim card from the Mobile Carriers of the region.

When I try to install a sim card, a notification pops up telling me that the network is blocked and that I have 0 times left to unlock it.

I have tried to take it to different technicians, only to fail.

Wondering whether there is a way I can do it differently?



My device is AT&T Trek HD(K88), 7.1.1 android version.

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2 years ago

no what that is saying that someone has tried too many times to input an unlock code and now its permanently locked to AT&T the phone will never work on any service except at&t in the US 

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2 years ago

Hello , we would be glad to provide more information about unlocking devices from AT&T network.


Follow AT&T Device unlock instructions carefully. Use extreme care during the unlock process. If you incorrectly enter an unlock code too many times while trying to unlock your device, you'll permanently disable the unlock ability. The number of attempts to unlock the device varies by manufacturer and model.


Hope you find this information useful.


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Carlton, AT&T Community Specialist 

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