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Friday, April 5th, 2019 10:18 AM

I lost my Sim card and cant bypass the puk code it is blocked

I need help. When removing my sim card trade I accidentally pulled it out to fast and my sim card flew across the room and I cant find it no more and my bill is long over due. So I decided to insert a new sim card in for some odd reason it is telling me insert a puk code in and when I put it in I got a inncorrect message. My guess because it isn't a at&t sim card. Is there a way if I were to get a new sim card from at&t, Will that by pass it? I went to a at&t store and they was like they have no idea what it is and told me my best bet is Google. I see no help in that.20190404_054830.jpg


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4 years ago

An At&t store didn’t know what that was?  Was it their first day?  

Go to a company store and have a SIM card made for your number and account.  

A PUK is a security number on a SIM card preventing it from working in another phone.  

Network lock prevents your phone from working with a non At&t SIM card until you request and are approved to unlock it.


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