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Wed, Jun 12, 2013 4:49 PM

HTC One Out of Warranty Replacements

On the phone for a while now. I had called in a warranty claim more than a week ago because the microphone quit working, I could only talk using the speakerphone. Common problem when I Google search it. Left me a message stating that they are out. On the phone now with a wonderful gentleman who is really trying to help me. Offered me the S4, but I have the 64gb HTC One, and the S4 costs $100 less with half the memory. (I asked if I could get a $100 credit, but he said no.) Giving me a $50 credit to go and get a gophone, and I need to ship it to HTC to get repaired.


Anyone else out there run into this? Sounds like there are a lot of warranties issues on this otherwise wonderful device. 




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8 y ago

I went through 7 htc ones through bestbuy for the same issue. HTC didn't get their phone right before they sent it out, the same speaker stopped working every time. I know this isnt exactly what you were asking but I just wanted to urge you to take the s4.

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