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Monday, May 18th, 2015 1:20 AM

How to turn off battery full alerts?

I am an owner of LG G3 phone with Android.

I have a custom to put my phone into a charging craddle when at home and especially at night (it serves as an alarm clock). Starting a few days ago, when left in the craddle the phone is beeping continuously, vibrating and flashing the screen. It seems that it raises alerts that the battery is full and it should be unplugged "to conserve energy". I appreciate the concern about the environment, but I believe the phone in the on state uses about the same amount of energy whether plugged or unplugged, but if unplugged it won't be fully charged in the morning. As it stands now, the alerts are terribly annoying and disturb my sleep.


Is there any way to turn battery full notifications off???

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8 years ago

I contacted LG about this as it was annoying me as well.

Their reply was that they understand the frustration but that there is now way to disable the notification.

What I have done is gone into volume settings and set Touch feedback & system to minimum (off). This obviously disables other beeps and buzzes as well but none that matter to me so I don't mind. A small sacrifice to make for a good night's sleep!



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