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Fri, Feb 27, 2015 8:56 PM

How To Activate Your Android Phone

Congratulations on your new Android device! Activating service and setting up your new phone is really easy, and it will be ready to use in no time! First, we’ll get your new SIM card up and running on your line, and then we’ll go through the initial device setup. This will deal with Android 5.0 (Lollipop). Other OS versions may feature a different setup experience.


  1. Activate Service
    • Head to com/activations and choose the activation type that best suits. You will then be asked to enter validation information for your order. Submit to begin activation.


  1. Allow five minutes
    • If the device is already powered on, please power off. With the device off, allow five minutes for service activation to complete. Note: This is the step most people miss Smiley Happy


  1. Language
    • Swipe up or down to find you language, and tap the circular arrow button to continue. If you have not already inserted your SIM, you will be asked to do so now.


  1. Connection Options
    • The device will scan for in-range WiFi networks. Tap and choose your WiFi network, and enter your password to connect.


  1. Tap & Go
    • A new feature, if your old phone has NFC and Bluetooth enabled, you can quickly copy your old device information to your new phone by simply placing the two devices together. Otherwise, you can Skip this step.


  1. Google Account
    • If we weren’t able to use Tap & Go to add our information, we’ll now be asked to add or create a Google account. This is essential to get the most from your device, such as using the Play Store or backing up information. If you use the same Google account as a previous device, you will also be asked if you wish to restore the information backed up from that device.


  1. Google Services
    • Here we can pick and choose the services we wish to enable, such as backing up our information to our Google account, or using location services. Read each description and decide if it is something you wish to enable.


  1. Google Now
    • We are now asked to add Google Now, a kind of personal assistant which will provide helpful information to make your day easier, and can also act as a device/web search and reminder tool. This is not required, but definitely useful.


  1. Tutorial
    • You will now see a short tutorial showing you how to manage your device homescreen such as changing the wallpaper or moving apps.


  1. Enjoy
    • You should now see your new homescreen. Your phone is ready to use!

Now that your device is activated and fully configured, go ahead and test your calling and other services! Enjoy your new Android device and thanks for being the best part of AT&T.


Enjoy your device!



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