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Fri, Apr 12, 2019 11:40 PM

How long does at&t takes to unlock a phone?

I have a at&t phone I had for awhile now and i asked for it to be unlocked and they say it should take at least 24-72 hours. I been waiting for about 2 and half weeks now and haven't received no email or phone call what so ever. So I contacted them and they told me the same exact thing. They say it should be 24-72 hours and I explained to them I have been waiting for about 2 and half weeks now and they say it may take longer due to high volume. What does that even mean. I didn't know there was like a waiting list for having a phone unlock. I find it unbelievable. If there was one how do I know what number I am in line.


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9 months ago

Hello @Jackskellington!


We advise checking your SPAM, Junk, and other email folders for any message pertaining to your device unlock request. Also, it's possible to check the status of your request by following these instructions. Try submitting another device unlock request, but make sure to use another email provider.


We hope this info helps.

Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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7 months ago

I can tell you that I’ve sent a request multiple times today and used 3 different email addresses and I have yet to get the email with a link to confirm my request to unlock.  I’ve checked the spam folders for all email addresses and have received nothing.  This is very frustrating and I’m not sure why it takes an act of God to get an email from ATT.  This morning on the phone it took several hours to get an email from ATT.   Seems I’m going to have to call in yet once again to figure out why my unlock request is not actually triggering the email it says it is.   



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2 months ago

Has this been resolved? I've been waiting for more than 2 weeks now and still the status of the unlock request is "In Progress". Request to unlock 2 eligible iPhones were made last November 11.