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The Samsung Galaxy S23
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Saturday, May 27th, 2017 2:14 PM

How do I rollback Android 7 Nougat?

S6 Edge vs. Nougat. The color scheme or lack of is utterly stupid. Light gray & light yellow and tiny thin icons. the dictionary is bad, apps have "continuously crashing" errors, even the system apps do too. Wi-Fi connection is constantly disconnecting when the signal is perfectly fine. Bluetooth is just as bad. I want to rollback to Marshmallow, how can I do that?. I literally hate my phone now because it's dysfunctional and stupid.

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7 years ago

 Hello @Chuckanut11,


I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems after your latest update. I know how some changes can be unexpected with a new update. I am happy to help!


Once an update is installed on your device, we would not be able to return to a previous version. For most of the concerns you mentioned, they sounds software related and after a factory reset or visit to a nearby Samsung Experience location, should be taken care of.


Our Device Support Page has great guides for backing up your device and also walking you through the reset process too. You will head to Tutorials > Backup & Reset to review some of the possible backup options. You can go through the factory reset by selecting Tutorials > Troubleshooting > Reset.


Thanks for reaching out! I hope this information helped!


Brett, AT&T Community Specialist

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