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The Samsung Galaxy S24
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Tuesday, July 19th, 2016 7:42 PM

Galaxy S6 data connection off and on once switching to unlimited plan.

Ok so I was on the family shared data plan 30GB for over a year with this same phone.  I got it in May 2015.  I never had any unusual data conneciton problems.


Fast forward to about a month or so father calls At&t and combines our Directv bill with At&T and switches to the family unlimited data plan.


Ever since the plan was changed, my data connection will be completely non-existant for long periods of time, and then suddenly it will come back for a little while.  I have the same exact usage patterns I had the previous year.  I've even been in the same exact location as my brother, who's also on our plan, but with an Iphone, and he's had perfect reception.  It's not a slow connection, it's either a decent speed smooth connection or nothing at all.  Many times it will immediately say "no service" when I try to do something and texts will fail to send.


Has anyone heard of this happening?  Could it be some sort of phone registration error on At&t's part?  Is there anything I could do to figure out if some piece of hardware in the phone suddenly went bad at the exact time our plan was changed?


I've contacted At&t twice through the live chat and they've spent a long time going through their troublshooting lists trying to find the problem...and seem to ignore the fact that I keep telling them the problem started exactly when our plan was changed.  The network always turns out to be fine.  Then they basically just say it must be my phone that's broken and try to get me to buy a new phone from them on contract. 



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8 years ago

Well that connection didn't stay...I'm back to having no service.  It's so weird.  When I actually do have service it's very fast, almost like I'm on a high-speed wi-fi connection.


pgrey:  I'll download those LTE signal apps and start collecting data on it.


I wonder if the antenna hardware could have somehow gotten damaged and I just have an extremely weak signal now.  I don't recall every dropping the phone not sure how that could have happened.

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8 years ago

Hello @westc211 !


I am so sorry that your phone is still showing no service! I understand this must be super frustrating, and how important staying connected is! I also apologize about your experience in the store. This is not at all what we want for our customers!


It would be greatly appreciated if you could send us a private message with further information about the store. If you could just include your full name, phone number, store location and any names that you remember contributing to your experience!


As far as the service on your phone, it is possible that it could be due to a hardware or antenna issue. Especially if all of the other phones on the account are working just fine (if they weren’t, I would suggest it being a network issue).


I suggest going through the entire troubleshooting if possible, since a backup and reset may benefit if this is caused by a software issue. If it still happens after a reset, then it may very well be due to hardware.


You can also visit a Samsung experience at select Best Buy locations! They sometimes offer phone repairs as well.


Keep us updated! Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!


Tim, AT&T Community Specialist


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