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Wed, Jan 30, 2013 12:41 AM

Galaxy S3 message problems.

I have had the s3 for a little over the month. Last night I received a update on the phone. After doing the installation the phone was working perfectly. 30 minutes later I couldn't open 3rd party texting or the regular texting app. At&t had me do a system reboot with no luck. Samsung had me do a tottally different reboot and no luck. I can't get into texting at all. Freezes phone then says messaging is not working. Close! Any help appreciated



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8 y ago

Sorry you're having trouble. 


When you say "reboot" do you mean that they had you reinstall the phone's software so it was the same as it was the day you got it? This is commonly referred to as "reinstalling the software". 




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