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Tue, Aug 1, 2017 12:16 AM

Email yahoo/att not retrieving new emails since 7/26

I have rebooted phone, set synch settings correctly and turned off and on. Also data manager settings are correct. I can send email and receive it on gmail. The one thing I can point to is about the same time I installed some battery charging app which just served adds so I disabled it. Cannot.find it in apps to uninstall.





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3 years ago

Try this: Under incoming and outgoing settings, where it has security type SSL, you change that setting to SSL (accept all certificates) and then it works. Check and see if that works.
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3 years ago

Hello there @Drbuddyfeelgood!

When you use your email on a daily basis, it can be concerning to not receive any new email on your phone. I personally rely on my emails for notice of upcoming events and various promotions.

You have already listed a great array of troubleshooting steps! @Tretiree made an excellent point to ensure your server settings are correct. When you checked the sync settings, did you do so using our helpful Email Server Settings page?

When you disabled the battery charging app, did you ensure to check the disabled list for it? Meaning, when you tried to uninstall, you can access your Settings > Applications or Apps > Application Manager > scroll to locate the Disabled tab. You should be able to locate the disabled app here and uninstall it as well. 

Have you also been able to login with your email credentials on a PC? This will let us know if you are having email app issues only, or the account is having errors as well. 

I hope this is found to be advantageous. Have an awesome rest of your day!

Shenoah, AT&T Community Specialist

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