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Saturday, November 8th, 2014 8:19 AM

Disappointed with S5 experience.

WARNING:  MAJOR RANT AHEAD Skip to end for my pros and cons.


Back in April. I made the switch from having iPhones to the Samsung galaxy S5(I made my wife switch also, without consent. A major no, no).

I had jailbroken my iOS devices to make it more customizable. But didn't like how laggy and buggy they would become. In March of 2014, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 wifi only. Had a great experience with that, so I figured why not make the switch completely.


Right away it seemed like a bad decision. The iMessage issue was a complete mess(blame Apple for that). Although it has a great camera, it often takes a long time to get it ready for a shot. Even when using the camera grabber on the lock screen. We have a 13 month old girl and I have missed many great moments because it wouldn't open fast enough. Or there has been many times when it opens and only a black screen; then crashes.


So many other issues, but the one that is pushing me over the edge is an issue with the charging cables. I have had 2 cables short out for my phone and 1 for my wife's phone. Using different charging bricks at different outlets, and shorts micro USB 2.0 & 3.0. A Samsung Experience Consultant at Best Buy said it is a warranty issue and the phone should be replaced. Sent me to AT&T Service Center. The person I spoke with was useless. Said that he would have to see it short out in front of him. He then saw that I had Nova Launcher and a different skin other than Touch Wiz. Blasted me for having it and said that could be why it the cable is shorting out. Really, I thought that was the whole idea of Android OS, to be different and customizable. He ordered me a new cord, woohoo.


Went back to Samsung consultant(he mentioned again that the phones should be replaced under warranty), who then gave me a 888 number to call. Called, they entered my info, put me on hold for 15 minutes and transferred me to a voicemail that said was the president. I don't expect a return call.


I then used the chat help on samsung's website. Was told that they would not take my phones in exchange for new ones. The 1 year warranty is for service work only. I would have to be without the phone for atleast 10 days. As the only service center is in Plano, Texas. Which is impossible as it is my business phone. Something I think the "consultant" at Best Buy should have known. 


I once had an issue with my iPhone 4s' charging port a few years ago. Walked into an Apple store; 10 minutes later came out with new phone.


Ok, Rant over. If you made it this far you deserve a prize, lol.


So here's my pros and cons of the switch.



  • bigger screen(atleast bigger than 5s and older models)
  • 2 gb ram(better for multitasking and other features) 
  • customization
  • micro sd cards
  • removable battery
  • water and dust resistant


  • laggy
  • bloat ware that can't be removed
  • updates come out slowly
  • OS updates for 2 years maybe
  • UI is not great
  • Finger print scanner 
  • good camera, but can't count on it to work properly
  • No Samsung store to resolve any problems
  • apps on Android don't function as well as iOS
  • Galaxy effect wears off quickly(you stop using all the gimmicky stuff that made you switch after a week)



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9 years ago

Sorry you're having a bad S5 experience. Sounds aweful, and frankly not universal. You should be able to do a warrany exchange with AT&T.  See



First, determine if your device is within the warranty coverage period:

  • New device: Warranty coverage is 15-365 days from date of purchase.
  • AT&T Certified Like-New device: Warranty coverage is 15-90 days from date of purchase.

Device within warranty coverage period

Here's how you exchange your device under warranty:

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