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Thu, Feb 10, 2011 10:29 PM

Buy an Atrix "4G" Lose Your Unlimited Data Plan

According to THIS POST on ANDROID CENTRAL, the document from AT&T shows you will have to give up your grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan if you choose to upgrade to one of their new "4G" phones. This truly is unbelievable... wait, no, it's believable of AT&T lately. What can they charge for and take away next??


Can AT&T do one more thing to turn people away from buying their new "the world's most powerful smartphone?"




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9 years ago

I was told yesterday, 9/23/11, by a service manager of some sort responsible for their Facebook discussions, that I can keep my unlimited data as long as I don't use cell service with the lap-dock--only wi-fi.  I'm currently testing that statement by running Pandora internet radio for at least 8 hours per day until they decide that using my dock is a lot less drain on their precious network than {word filter evasion} off very old customers with excellent payment records of +$200 per month.  Or they can change my contract which I will not authorize and I'll be free.


I never would have bought the dock if I had been told that the old PDA Connect plan that I had been using without any problems or nasty grams from AT&T on my Tilt2 and paying the extra $10 per month for tethering.  Now I pay $10 more for unlimited data than other grandfathered customers do because I had a "with tethering" plan but if I tether--I will be automatically placed on the "appropriate data plan" which has a 4GB limit instead of the "soft 5GB limit" data without tethering has.  


I asked the lady why AT&T just doesn't come out and say they are finally stopping support of the old plans but she really didn't have an answer.  She seemed to think a blanket "We don't do that anymore to all users" was a worse idea than {word filter evasion} us off one at a time and spending hours & hours of their manpower getting us so fired up [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate]. and post our own nastygrams every place we can think of to drive off future customers &/or warn existing customers about their bait & switch tactics.  Telling people that they can keep their old data plan with or without tethering and then sending nasty grams 5 months into the new contract when some imaginary amount is reached (hello, didn't you just tell me unlimited--oh, well you were tethering--yes I was.  I have a tethering plan.  So what's the problem?  Put on hold for hours--and yes I mean hours while she contacted everyone & their brother or just went to lunch and several smoke breaks.  Ah, I just spoke w/Kevin and he used to be with tech support for a long time so he has a good idea of what is going on and he says that AT&T isn't supporting the 3G tethering plans any more.  This is so close to the "you can't use a 4G phone on a 3G plan that so many people have all ready been told that I'm really {word filter evasion} at this point.  And who the heck is Kevin & why isn't what I'm asking you in a policy manual that you can send me.  We never send anything in writing like that to customers.  We have pages & pages of policies but we don't send them to customers.  Then how am I going to explain to my boss that I can't update my service reports from the road any more because "Kevin at AT&T" says I can't tether any more?  How do you think that's going to fly?  Classic bait & switch and when I tell them for the 15th time that I bought this directly from AT&T and was told by the AT&T person that my current data plan was fine to do what I wanted which was to continue on exactly like I had been using the Tilt 2 plus I get the cool new dock to play with.  My credit card left burn marks on my purse as I snatched it out to give them the numbers.  Now, 5 months later, they decide that I'm using it for purposes that my plan doesn't support but somehow changing me to a different plan doesn't violate my contract.  Your phone is the contract--not your data plan or minutes.  You can change your minutes & features at any time but you got a special deal on the phone so you have to keep service with AT&T for 2 years so they get their profit back for selling your devices to you at such a big discount.  I bought refurbished equipment that is only compatible with AT&T's network so just how much of a bargain is that?  And what if I decide to turn off the Atrix and start using my Tilt 2 again?  If you tether, we will know it and put you on the appropriate plan.  I all ready have a 3G data plan with tethering and the Tilt 2 is a 3G phone so I don't see the problem.  As I explained earlier, according to Kevin, we aren't supporting the old tethering plans.  I also asked how to contact the corporate people who are actually in charge of making these bone head decisions.  You can't.  You talk to us and we talk to them.  What?  Does the Dali Lama run AT&T?  Maybe it's Qadafi?  Maybe it's Elvis and I'd recognize his voice?  


I really don't understand what is so hard about telling people the truth, at the beginning, and just dealing with it then.  I've all ready filed a report with the BBB and if one single thing on my bill changes, the FCC and my state rep and senators will be contacted.




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9 years ago

I know that a solution is given here, but I just got a new Atrix this week, and other than paying for the phone, I did not have to increase my GRANDFATHERED UNLIMITED DATA PLAN.  Heck, I did not realize that I had it, since before I went in to the store to purchase the phone, I checked online for all plans on my account, and only the Family Plan showed up. So I expected to have $30 plus added to my bill.  Geeeeeee, that let me get the Otter box and the Bluetooth and and and.....

and I even wound up doing it under contract.    .....sigh......I've gone contractless for the last 10 years, but it was too big a

temptation to get the phone for a lot less than the retail price, and add in the car dock and the entertainment box as well. And have money left over, because the sweet little ATT store rep found a 25% off coupon to apply.   


I gave the store rep a good review too, because she was informed, polite, capable, and listened to what I wanted and answered what I asked.  And this was at lunch hour in a big mall and the store was filling up with people in a hurry. Never once did she get impatient with me as I tried to enter my passwords on the tiny little QWERTY keyboard.  My key entries are now much more accurate after a few days practice.



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8 years ago

  This is not true at all!  

  I just upgraded my phone yesterday and my husband and I are able to maintain our "grandfathered" status.  What needs to happen is that you need to continue to keep the 2 year contract each time you upgrade.  Also, the rep that assisted me in the AT*T store told us that the AT*T page is set up so that you pretty much lose  the grandfathered status so going into the store is normally a much better idea.  Keep in mind that the stores often have equally good deals as the website.

Just thought I would share.



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