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Thursday, December 12th, 2019 2:35 AM

Buy a SIM

I wanted to buy a SIM card for an Android terminal and I went to an AT&T store in Little Rock (AR) - the store at  Park Avenue Shopping Center

300 S University Ave - Little Rock AR

The store was almost empty, I was put in a waiting list and I started to wait. My name was at the 8 place.

After an HOUR my name disappeared from the list !  I did ask why and they told me I was called and I didn't answer.
Useless to say nobody called me or even approached me. Possible in an hour nobody saw me seat down at one of the table waiting ?

I was told to come the day after !  How rude !

I was not even able to ASK or tell what I wanted and why I was there !

Useless to say I will NEVER put a foot in that shop but since NOBODY THERE even bothered to ask what I needed, I'm asking here, is possible to buy just a SIM nano with NO contract since it has to be activated by a third party ? (a company that has already a contract with AT&T).
The reason was to speed up some tests I have to do with the terminal for a customer.
I am EXTREMELY disappointed by the total lack of professionality and simple human decency at that store !

I'm considering to recommend to that company to chose another provider.


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4 years ago

It might be possible to get one online from AT&T but I've found eBay to be a better option in the past.

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4 years ago

Hello @thefwguy,

Thanks for the feedback. We're sorry about your recent retail experience.

You can always skip the line and buy online. Check out our Special Offers for new non-contact nano SIM KITs. We hope this information helps. Please let us know when you have placed your order. Thank you!

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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