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Sun, Aug 25, 2019 3:56 PM

Bottom buttons not working on my at&t axia

I have an at&t axia that i purchased from a friend and last night out of nowhere the back button suddenly stopped working and when I checked the home button and the recent apps button i found that they are also not working


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a year ago

Hello @synistergfys,


We can definitely provide you with some troubleshooting steps for when your cell phone's keys are being unresponsive. We recommend that you first try restarting your device to see if that helps. If you're still having the same issue, you can also try backing up your data, then performing a factory reset by following these steps:


On the Home screen, swipe up the screen, tap to enter the Settings screen. Then, choose System > Backup > turn it on.
• Back up to Google Drive: Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to Google Drive.
• Backup account: Set up or edit your Google backup account.


On the Home screen, swipe up the screen, tap to enter the Settings screen. Then, choose System > Reset options.

Erase all data (factory reset): Erase all data from your phone’s internal storage


Let us know if this helps.


Sean, AT&T Community Specialist

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a year ago

Do a factory reset. If the buttons still don't work, you have to replace the phone.

**Disclaimer: I don't work for AT&T, have never worked for AT&T, and have never been compensated by them in any way, shape, or form**

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If I do a factory reset don't I need a password or something to restore it? It seems like I read that somewhere.


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