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The Samsung Galaxy S24
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Friday, April 12th, 2024 7:48 PM

Att locked my phone when I used a sim from redpocket

I put a sim from redpocket in my unlocked phone, almost immediately att started downloading software to the phone, about a month later I bought an  unlimited esim from tmobile( I've done this multiple times over the years when I need extra hs data) .  They could not activate the esim because att had locked my phone from the redpocket sim.  I called and Noone knows how it happened or who did it and swore that the phone can't be locked by just putting another sim in it.  I don't have any choice but to file a small claim against redpocket and att for the price of my phone and all the time I've spent trying to deal with this.

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1 month ago

Phones are either (1)  locked to a particular service provider, (2)  carrier unlocked, (3) carrier universal, or (4) factory unlocked and can never be locked to a service provider. 

Most likely your phone is 1 or 3 

1.  An AT&T locked phone that works just fine, still locked, on any AT&T MVNO. 


3.  Universal unlocked phone which will convert when a SIM is installed for one of the major service providers.  

  If erasing the AT&T e-Sim does not work, it is because the phone was always AT&T locked. Red pocket uses multiple service providers and AT&T locked phones will work with an AT&T SIM card from an MVNO 

If the phone isn't registered and meets the minimum requirements on AT&T for unlocking, AT&T may refuse to unlock it.

If you erase the AT&T e-Sim from the phone, and try installing a physical T-Mobile SIM card You may find the phone converts again. This does not mean it is a T-Mobile brand phone or locked to T-Mobile it just means it is number 3, universal unlocked phone. 

Since  red pocket requires you bring your own unlocked phone they're going to laugh you out the door for filing a small claims on a phone that's not their responsibility.   You might want to read the terms of service that red pocket has published on its website. 

If you have made an unlock request on AT&T's website as a non-customer it should kick back that either your phone is not locked, not an AT&T phone, or it is an AT&T phone in use on another account.  The first two would indicate the phone is not an AT&T locked phone. That third reply means it is AT&T locked which means it was locked all along 

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