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Wednesday, August 12th, 2015 8:47 PM

Android 5.1.1 for Note 4

When is 5.1.1 coming out for the Note 4 N910A? I want my phone I paid for to perform better and 5.1.1 will fix some issues!

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9 years ago

not before the s6 gets 5.1.1  would be my guess and since the note 5 drops tommorrow my guess is not till after the launch date of the note 5.


The att anwser is they have no info on an upgrade for the note 4.  ATT does not publish update schedules.



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9 years ago

Very disappointed with ATT for being on the tail end of fixes/updates. Maybe there is a reason? We dont know. Perhaps waiting for others to release so they dont look bad if it is a flop? Been a customer for almost 10 years and am tempted to leave for a competitor buyout deal. Loved the Note 4 until updated to 5.0.1. Nothing but issues and I don't believe ATT cares about current devices, only the latest. Cannot wait any longer for the 5.1 update. Not fun paying good money for a device and contract that is almost unusable bur my wife's iPhone is fine. However, I will never go to Apple. Support and dealers say they cannot do anything until the fix. Customer Service is not only a smile and patience, it is delivering what a customer has paid for. Time for ATT to deliver!



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9 years ago

I'm still paying for my Note 4 and since 5.0.1, it has become slow and battery life has taken a major hit. The phone has the same apps running as when I bought my phone the day after Christmas too.

PLEASE ATT, release the update! And please stop adding bloatware and messing with the overall firmware. Make the bloat optional. It'll save you time and make many of your customers happier!
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