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Wed, Dec 18, 2013 2:42 PM

Android 4.3 on S4 gives bogus security message from Samsung hidden app Knox. How to remove?

Since I updated my S4 to Android 4.3, I have been receiving daily notifications that indicate an app is trying to over-reach its security permissions. From what I have found by searching Google for that message, it is the result of a hidden Samsung app called Knox. Other than rooting the phone and doing some jiggery pokery, there is no way to remove or disable this app that I have found.


I'll be calling AT&T support later today to complain about this, but it appears that either the 4.3 release wasn't really tested, or that AT&T believes this behavior is acceptable.


This message shows up as a notification. When you select the notification, you get a dialog with the heading Security Information, and the text "An application attempted to access system on your device without authorization. This attempt has been blocked. Changing your security level to normal may solve this problem. Deleting applications obtained from unauthorized sources may improve security."


There are two buttons - Cancel and View Apps. You might think the View Apps button would tell you which app triggered this, but it does not. However, if you long-press on the security dialog, you should get a 3rd button, labeled Settings. Going into this (apparently, I haven't tried this yet) tells you that the offender is this Knox program.


There's a long thread about this, with no resolution, at the Android Central web site. If posting the link is acceptable, here it is:




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7 years ago

Hello, LogicSmith!

Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Knox. If you don't mind, please send us  a private message by clicking here so we can investigate further.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!






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7 years ago

The issue is not Knox per-se.  It is that the build of 4.3 that AT&T pushed to the Note 3 and the S4 attempts to hide Knox and did not update it to v3 or higher.  I have an S4 on VZW.  It has been updated and it does not get that error message.


Now, I have gotten two different security profile updates over the weekend and it looks like the message has stopped showing up on my Note 3.  But, I doubt the issue is actually resolved.


AT&T needs to update the software build for both the Note 3 and the S4 so that Knox is available to the user and is updated to it's latest version.  Do I think that will happen?  I certainly hope so.

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7 years ago

Hi LogicSmith,


We received your private message, and one of our managers will be reaching out to you soon.




Jenn S.

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7 years ago

I have the exact same issue.




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7 years ago

Update: The problem is not Knox so much as it is Lookout. Lookout cannot be removed, nor can it be run without "signing up" and paying a recurring fee. It purports to be a beneficial privacy utility. According to the tech support people at Lookout, their contract was with AT&T, not Samsung, not Google. 


I had emails with the folks who support these forums, and they wanted me to do a backup and factory reset, but couldn't say if that would return me to Android 4.2.2 or 4.3. In the meantime, apparently the 4.3 update (for the S4) has been pulled from distribution. We have been told to wait until 4.4 comes out this quarter.




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7 years ago

This update should go down in the books as one of the most poorly managed updates ever.


I switched in May from an iPhone 5 to the Samsung S4.  Screen size, camera, SD card, removeable battery - all great.  The iPhone 5S is still a few years behind the more flexible Android hardware/software that is avaialble today.


However Samsung is a complete mess - and AT&T seems to be a mess as well.


1st there was the denail about the headphone issue.  No headphones with less than 30 Ohms would produce music that did not snap, crackle and pop.  Samsung jokingly said "headphones are not compatible" - sadly I don't think 90% of the consumer headphones out there should not be "audio" compatible.  That's just poor software and hardware on their part.  Luckily the July firmware fixed it - but at a cost of sound quality.


4.2x to 4.3 upgrade.  Wow - what a mess. Samsung & AT&T tried to roll this out several times - each time making more of a mess.  Do they test anything? Do they really not have their best software people working on the most popular phone of 2013?


-Removing buttons frustrates users - and drives profits for AT&T - we are not stupid.

-Battery drain should not be used to drive sales of extra batteries and the forthcoming S5

-Music volume should not randomly go up and down based on what is being downloaded in the background.


Next time:

Google Play edition if I must get another Samsung Device.

Back to iPhone if iPhone 6 has a bigger screen and acceptable battery.


What do you think? 




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7 years ago

@ms_unicorn This pop-up we are all getting says: "Prevention Information. An application has been forced to stop for an unauthorised attempt to access system on your device. It may be safe to delete an application obtained from an unauthorised route. Check now?" 


It is a huge issue that affects everyone with 4.3 on the Note 3 & S4 on AT&T. This happens even if you have not installed a single app from the google play store.


This is an AT&T & Samsung issue as this is not happening to the S4's or Note 3's on other carriers.


If you are really interested, check out these threads on the issue:


The worse part is when you click it, it does not tell you what app is causing the issue. I just hit the "don't show for 30 days and ignore it"



@LogicSmith if you do a factory reset, you will still be on 4.3. The only way to get back to 4.2.2 is to have the phone flashed back to the old firmware (which will most likely void your warranty).


As for the app causing the issue, when you pull down the notifaction bar, if you long press on the notifcation, you get a pop-up saying app info. Select it, you will see it takes you to KNOX, that is the app posting the notifaction. So KNOX is the issue, not lookout


Another way I know it's not Lookout. If you go into setting, general, application manager, scroll to the right to select all. You can uninstall updates and turn off lookout. This fully disables Lookout as though it was never installed. Even after doing this, I still get the pop-up, telling me it is KNOX and not Lookout.




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7 years ago

This issue still occurs on the Note 3 as well, unrooted no crazy stuff. It's just a regular Note 3. If you turn on wifi, you get the message from knox over and over. It looks like it's been occurring on the Note 3 since November, longer for the S4. I've seen some notes that ATT is working on a patch, any word? Or possibvly it will be addressed in kit kat whenever that rolls out. I haven't seen anyone on kit kat having the issue.  




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7 years ago

I get this message on my Note 3 too. This and the GPS issue make me regret getting this phone.

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