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Tue, Jan 29, 2013 8:38 PM

After update Samsung g S3 battery life sucks - Media app consumes 50%

After the most recent update from ATT the Media app is now running and consuming 50% of my battery.  The phone is has a life span of about 4 hours on battery and then needs to be recharged.


I have followed some of the suggestions on the web:


1. Removed battery, wait 10 minutes and re-install - no change

2. Back up SD card, format SD card, copy items back to SD card - no change

3. Downloaded and installed JD - no change


Anything else to get this phone right again.





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8 y ago

You can order exented battery, it's genuine galaxy s3 battery.  With little more power, but expensive.



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8 y ago

Ditto. After JB update, S3 battery life sucks.

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