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Friday, May 24th, 2024 4:29 PM

Unable to access online account for new prepay SIM

Yesterday I purchased a data-only SIM for a hotspot I already own (Nighthawk M6 Pro) from the local AT&T store. They activated and we tested it--the hotspot worked fine and works fine today.

I want to set up the online account so I can manage the autopay and buy more data when necessary. Note that I have an existing prepay account on my phone and use paygoonline to manage it, so I'm familiar.

I attempted to log in online per the instructions: enter full 10 digit number, enter last 4 digits as initial PIN. I got:

The information provided is not valid. Please try again.

Retried once, then I  tried the forgot password / new account link. I never received a text on either my hotspot or my phone. Retried that once.

I then tried prepaid online voice response per the number given when my new account attempt failed--it referred me back to paygoonline for a password/pin reset.

I then called the AT&T store where I bought the SIM. They say to use paygoonline and the instructions online.

At this point I'm out of options. Any advice appreciated. I love AT&T's network coverage and reliability but, holy crap, the company hard to deal with.


Accepted Solution

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29 days ago

Update: issue resolved

After 52 minutes working with someone at the AT&T store, with the bulk of that time spent watching them experience the horror that is prepaid customer service, we resolved the problem. Fortunately, we resolved it without any assistance from customer service via phone and website.

The problem is that, when a new prepaid account is opened, the contact email and contact phone fields are defaulted to a generic value. I provided my information to the dude who signed me up, but apparently it didn't make it into the form. The new account web setup workflow requires that a new pin/password be sent via email or phone. Oops. Neither one was correct, so I had no way to get my initial password/pin.

Solution for the IT folks: DO NOT open a prepay account with bogus default values. Set fields to blank and require at least one. Better to verify then and there, because there are NO escalation points in the prepaid customer service interface to resolve this problem. Even the folks at the AT&T store cannot reach a human.

Solution for management: we're not all deadbeats or hardened criminals. Stop treating us like we are.

Exercise for management: if the AT&T store employee hadn't thought to check the email address on the account, how would I have been able to resolve this? The only solution I can come up with is to cancel the credit card associated with the account. No other way to cancel or change. Pretty ugly.

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