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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 11:20 AM

Transfer line to $300 prepaid unable to pay


I transferred my number to AT&T and have been struggling to pay the $300 to activate my service. I have activated the sim through phone call yesterday.  Called the payment department where they said the card was declined. Cleared with the bank, still got the error message.

Then my wife and I tried various different cards (even Venmo), computer, browsers, we still got this message through the online portal "We are currently experiencing an issue processing payments. Please try your request again later. No other services are impacted."


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2 months ago

The total cost for the plan will be $300 plus any related taxes. I've heard everything from $302 to $340 in total cost.   You would have to have enough money available in your bank account to pay for the full amount.

Payment could have been processed while you were on the phone activating your service and porting a number

You can use AT&T prepaid cards, Target usually sells those with the 5% discount. Taxes are all paid upfront. 

I don't believe venmo is an included method of payment but PayPal is

AT&T Prepaid $300 for 12 months Promo (ADVICE WHEN SIGNING UP)

After signing up for AT&T Prepaid and the $300 promo offer and having issues with activation:

1. Sign up via website and fill in all appropriate information including porting info, shipping address, credit card, etc. SIM card may be shipped overnight via FedEx.
2. Once you receive your SIM card and have your phone ready, call 866 975 0050 to activate via phone and have your AT&T Order # handy.
4. Explain you'd like to activate your service and provide phone number, SIM card and IMEI. The agent will then ask you for payment to activate service.
5. \*\*THIS IS IMPORTANT\*\* To avoid getting double charged, tell them you've already provided that when you ordered and tell them they can do this via your AT&T Order #. Provide that to them and do NOT provide a credit/debit card to them if you already paid
6. If they claim they can't do this, ask to speak with a supervisor or someone else. Your account will be activated and within 30 minutes or so the payment of $300 + taxes will get charged to your credit card you provided during the initial order. Your service will not work until this payment is applied, but in my experience it took anywhere from 5 min to 25 min.
7. Once this is complete, you can setup your account online and manage your account via the website:  [](

If you provided a credit card number and end up getting charged twice, call the AT&T Payments/Refunds line at: 866 608 3007 and they will look up your account and process the refund.

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2 months ago

Thanks for your reply. I think the problem is that they did not use our order number when we activated the line... Will try to call again and see if they can fix this.

And yes, they accept venmo and paypal now on top of the credit/debit cards options.

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2 months ago

Was on the phone for an hour with transferring to different departments (billing process department, prepaid etc). Finally they fixed the problem. 


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2 months ago

Hey @cmMD, we are glad to hear that your issue has being resolved.

Please reach out to us if you have any more questions.


Thank you for reaching out to the AT&T Community Forums.

Scarlett, AT&T Community Specialist

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