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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 8:37 PM

Still no resolution it's been almost 2 weeks. Porting the number and activating the SIM for BYOD.


Transferred my number away from cricket to at&t prepaid.

Received the SIM in the mail and went to [ ] to fill in the SIM and IMEI information to complete the activation.

I received a message saying

"Your SIM card is active

Good news! You can skip the activation process. "

And it shows my $75/month selected plan.

With prompts to manage my account.

The trouble is, on the phone itself with this new SIM , I cannot make any calls, not even to 611, or access mobile internet, which makes sense since there is no phone number shown in the phone status where where was one shown before on the previous SIM.

I also can't login to the [] site to "Manage Account", the default phone number / last4 credentials suggested for first time login do not work, the result is always this message >> “Error! The information provided is not valid. Please try again.”

AT&T number port status page shows confirmed (

"Your number transfer/port request has been confirmed by your previous service provider.

Your port status is:


Calling the help line for number transfer request [(Phone number hidden)] didnt lead anywhere either, the message indicates that the phone number transfer request is a approved and to complete the process I must activate the service by having the phone number ready to enter.

When I enter the number I get a message saying this is a gophone account and i'm transfered to another menu in the phone system where i'm prompted to enter the phone number again...

This time when the number is entered, I repeatedly get a message about "being unable to locate that account".

Is it supposed to be this much of a hassle? At&t shipped the new SIM card early last week and I haven't been able to do anything with it. Sitting in limbo is getting tiresome.





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3 months ago

What phone? Is it unlocked? Does it say ’invalid sim’ in notification bar?

I suspect the number hasnt ported. I woukd go to an at&t store to complete port over.

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3 months ago

see this:

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alj96zz, that was the ticket, calling that included number. Not the main support number or any online links. You still have to manually have them complete some steps in this porting/setup process by calling them at the number on the packet.

It's not quite as "we'll handle everything automatically for you" as it seemed, but the call to be honest only took at most 5 minutes. Everything looks to be all set now.

Thanks for the tip to check again, i'm really glad I hadn't thrown out that paperwork.

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