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Wednesday, July 20th, 2022 3:22 PM

Sb else’s using my number

Hey there guys, I’m having an issue with my number. Somebody else have logged into my WhatsApp account using my number and I can’t get a log in code, since I have a different number on my phone now. I was still using my previous USA number for the app and stayed with my country number on my phone and therefore have another sim. Apparently, AT&T resold the SIM card with my previous number and now that person has all my chats and WhatsApp info. Does anybody now what I can do to fix this? Thank u all 

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1 year ago

yeah contact whatsapp. recently at&t has been shutting down accounts that dont have compatible phone since their 3g shut down they have been alerting people for 2 years now that this was gonna happen

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