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Tue, Dec 3, 2019 11:55 AM

Re: Re: Activate a sim card outside the US.

Hi. My daughter visited Hawaii 6 months ago and was robbed of her phone. Therefore she bought a new iphone in Hawaii. However after getting back to Denmark, the phone does not work with a Danish simcard. The phone is locked, even though she bought is as unlocked. We have tried so many things - but nothing works. we have now bought a pre-paid AT&T card, that unfortunately was not activated. It can apparently only be activated in the states. So once again we have met a dead end. When we try to get an unlocking code from AT&T it says that the phone has not been active on the AT&T network for 60 days, therefore they cannot send us an unlocking code. 


Anyone that has a solution to our problems?

Would really appreciate some help. 



ACE - Sage


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a year ago

 Not enough information.  
If she bought a prepaid phone from At&t, it was not unlocked.   AT&T does not sell unlocked phones.   So where did she buy the phone?  

Phones purchased for Prepaid service are discounted and have to be used on Prepaid service for 6 months to be eligible for unlocking.    The 60 days denial sounds like she bought a postpaid phone or used postpaid service.  Has it been 60 days since she activated on AT&T service?  

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a year ago


The phone was bought at Walmart and she left USA 5 days later. She only had a prepaid sim card from H2O for these 5 days.

After this she traveled for another 6 months only using the phone on WiFi.

Once she got a new danish SIM card (the other one was stolen) it was not able to be activated with the phone. It states that it is the wrong area that it is used in.

Does the 60 days means that it should be active on the AT&T network 60 days totally or does it mean that it should be active within the last 60 days?

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