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Fri, Dec 14, 2018 4:35 PM

Old AT&T Prepaid Phone Cards without PIN numbers

I have three 120 minute and one 1200 minute very old AT&T Prepaid phone cards which do not have any PIN numbers.  All they have on the card is a CARD# and a barcode.  There is no expiration dates on any of the cards and the 1200 minute card says "Minutes do not expire."   These were bought at a Sam's Club.  The 120 minute cards have a copyright date of 2003 and the 1200 minute card has a copyright date of 2004.  I found these in my desk.  Two of the 120 minute cards are still in their cellophane wrapping.  I'd like to know if these cards are still good and if so what the remaining value amounts are on the used cards.  How can I get info on the remaining credit?  HELP!


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2 years ago

Greetings @bglouisville


We can help you with that!


If you still have the available receipts for all prepaid phone cards, it should have more details of the expiration dates and card balance. You can also take the cards back to the original point of purchase for additional assistance.


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