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Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 11:06 PM

Issue with "Complete Personal Info" to finish setting up pre-paid login account

Back ground:

Ordered AT&T prepaid SIM from AT&T online (and verified phone & model are supported), bring own device, no number transfer.

Got the SIM. In retail card and with SIM info. Had phone number pre-assigned by provider, for town 20 miles away, no big deal.

Put SIM in phone, started activation process, setup password and PIN (for pre-paid account).

Issues with completeing process.

Went online and tried to login to PP account, account not found errors.

Then called auto activation number. Gave phone number. Account not found. So went through automated troubleshooting process. After being asked 3 different times to enter CCID and IMEI on the little phone pad with no account found everytime it finaly kicked me over to a live person.

Gave person phone number shipped with SIM. Not found.

Gave CCID and he found that SIM was activated but to a different phone number. Totally different area code (but local). He verified PIN I had entered was associated with it.

So I logged into with that phone number and password I had set and it worked. Took me to "Complete Personal Info" page.

It had my email address and ZIP code but everything else was generic. FM: PREPAID LN: CUSTOMER, etc..

Changed everything to my info, submitted and got back:


We seem to be experiencing system issues. Please try again later.

Person I was on phone with checked and stated that there had been reports of some people having issues and I should keep trying.

This was almost a week ago. Since then I have tried multiple times a day. I have tried different computers, different OSes, different browsers, different browser version and even from the phone with the AT&T SIM in it.

I always get back:


We seem to be experiencing system issues. Please try again later.

Phone works. I have Service. I set up voice mail.

I just can't finish setting up my account so I can do things like pay my bill. I am certainly not going to setup auto-pay with a system that I am having this much trouble with.

Is there any hope for the pre-paid site or am I going to have to do something like setup account over the phone or at local AT&T store (which seems to be only good for selling new devices and selling (non-prepaid) accounts)?

And if I do have it set up else where, is there any assurance that the payment portal will work?

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1 year ago

Hello, @gotog! Let's meet in a Direct Message to discuss setting your access to the account online. Please check your Direct Message Inbox (it's the chat icon next to the bell icon in the upper right corner of the Forums). Look forward to chatting with you!


Rachel, AT&T Community Specialist

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