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Thursday, May 19th, 2022 5:02 PM

Irregular deactivation of Wireless Account

I was at one of AT&T stores last weekend addressing the issue that I had with my wireless account.

Weeks ago, I received a text saying that I needed to upgrade my phone because AT&T's service would no longer work on my device as it supports the 3G. I called AT&T and one of the AT&T stores, and I was told that my Samsung Galaxy A51 was fine and that I could ignore that text. Suddenly, AT&T canceled my account. I contacted AT&T again, and the representative told me that the information AT&T had provided me before was wrong; that I should go to any AT&T stores with my phone's box and purchase invoice; and that AT&T would give me a device that was compatible with AT&T's service. It turned out that this was also wrong information.

At the AT&T store, they put me on a call with the Loyalty Department (something like that), I waited for more than 60 minutes in line, and no one ever answered. None of the attendants at the store was able to help me with this issue.

At some point, the manager, Zeus Camacho, offered to try to reactivate my number so I could use it with another carrier as I have no intention to remain a client of AT&T since I cannot rely on any information AT&T provides me.

Mr. Camacho told me he would contact me with an answer as to the reactivation from my number before Wednesday this week. However, no one has contacted me in this regard.

I want to file a formal complaint against this situation. This was very disrespectful as I have been an AT&T customer for almost 3 years now.

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1 year ago

ATT does not have a formal complaint system. To escalate to corporate, file an FCC or BBB complaint.

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1 year ago

The only way to reactivate your AT&T number to save it and move it to another provider is to provide AT&T with a phone that is capable of working on their Network. Even if that means you buy a cheap $40 At&t  prepaid phone.

The free phone offers ended February 22.

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