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Friday, October 28th, 2022 5:53 PM

I'm being billed the wrong amount, 35 cents a minute. I'm grandfathered in at 10 cents a minute for both of my prepaid phones.

I'm a very long term ATT Prepaid client, probably more than 40 years. I have 2 phones and they both have been on the 10 Cents a minute plan since it was first offered many years ago.  On 9/30/22, ATT eliminated my long standing balance of $600 + ($300+ on each phone) which accrued when I had to buy minimum minutes every 90 days.  Obviously, my wife & I are not big phone users, and our unused balance kept growing. Finally, ATT told us we no longer had to buy minutes. Instead, they would draw down charges from the balances. And as of 9/30/22, each phone still had just over $300 to draw against.  Earlier in the year, I had asked for a refund of both balances.  I was told 'no', then yes, we will write you a check, which never came, & finally another no.

So, our phones were turned off as of 10/1/22!!  I went to my local  ATT store & the manager helped me to select a 90 day plan for each phone. I reminded him that both phones were on the 10 Cents a minute plan & I wanted that to continue.  He confirmed that the account showed the 10 cents a minute plan as being active on both phones.  I believe he showed me the confirmation on his computer screen.  My credit card was  charged for the pre-purchase.  However, ATT has been charging me at 35 cents a minute!   First my $600 was made to disappear, & now ATT is nickel & dimeing me with this new erroneous charge.  I want all the overcharges on both phones credited back to my credit card.

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2 years ago

Sorry to say but you haven’t been incorrectly charged. Pay per use plans were discontinued in January, so all pay per use plans are now grandfathered and ATT raised the per minute rate on all grandfathered minute plans to 35 cents per minute. Before you say it, per the consumer agreement, yes ATT has the right to raise the rate on grandfathered plans.

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2 years ago

And prepaid doesn’t refund so you won’t get the charges reversed

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2 years ago

The per minute charge went from 10 cent and 25 cent cost went up to 35 cents. 

The 2 dollar plan went up to 3 dollars. 

Whoever told you that you didn't have to make additional refills was incorrect. A $100 refill is good for $365 days. If you don't add funds, your plan expires and your balance is forfeit.

Read section 3.3

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