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Tue, Jan 21, 2020 3:04 PM

I am an authorized retailer employee with AT&T Prepaid but cant dial *243 (Retail Support Team)

I work for an Authorized Retailer and just switched over to prepaid service via AT&T. When I try to dial *243 either on behalf of a customer or to solve a current issue, I get an error message saying "my balance is too low to make this call." Any suggestions to fix this as I absolutely need access to RST.





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4 weeks ago


The issue is that your on prepaid. The price is “cheaper”, but you use a lot of features you may not have known you used, such as RST. You can actually dial *AID from any Postpaid AT&T device to get through. You can use a display device, customer device or a store manager should have a company phone to use.


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