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Wed, Apr 20, 2022 10:33 AM


EMERGENCY Please HELP. Phone not working due to Error

already have active prepaid account. bought new prepaid samsung att a03 prepaid phone. called from at the time old working and active phone to 611, spoke to rep and he activated using the new sim card in the new phone rather than existing phone at time.

i turned off phone and back on and several times since and cannot text or call or use mobile data, 

when power phone up I just keep getting that error message

connection problem or invalid mmi code

cannot make calls or text, cannot call 611 even to get help. Cannot loginto att account to get support, because when try to create account it ask for  billing account number and I cannot get the billing account number, because it says I have to call att to get that over the phone..

but I cannot call anyone as phone not working because

connection problem or invalid mmi code

I currently am using a friends laptop to even do this.

I logged into my prepaid account, thinking that maybe there is something I could do there, but not the case.

I saw an option to update device in my prepaid account, but when I click on that

option, it says

Looks like your device can't be updated here

Please call 800-901-9878 or 611 from your device and speak to a representative

BUT I cannot make any calls

and because new phone is supposed to be working now as I had att activate new phone using the new phone Sim, well my old phone, sim no good now either.

So now I have a brand new phone not working and previous one not working either.

I tried to activate again online through the online prepaid activation portal and after I entered the IMEI and ICCID NUMBER etc..

it said good news phone is activated, to write down number etc.

but still phone not activated or working

when I check settings about phone for phone number, it shows phone number, and when I check sim status..



Mobile network state


Service state

in service

IMS registration status

not registered

Signal strength

-97 dbm 43 asu

(numbers fluctuate up and down)

Mobile voice network type


Mobile network type



Not roaming


(correct ICCID number is showing there)

also checked IMEI information and it is also showing correct number

I also have done factory reset and the basic new phone set up that the phone takes you through after you first turn it on and that did not work either.

I must say that this is very frustrating considering I bought brand new phone, called at&t spoke with representative on the old phone, chose to have them transfer my current and active already account and number to the new phone using the already installed SIM card (because after asking the representative what was the difference if I used the already new preinstalled Sim card that is already in the new phone and if I just use the Sim from my old phone and he said if I use the new already one in new phone that would be less likely to have any activation problems  (which by the way I also have removed several times throughout all this and put back in)

and yet.. here I am several hours later still having activation problems and I now have no working phone for communication for my job or anything.. and I cannot even call At&t via any 1800# or 611 to get any help

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