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Sun, Dec 29, 2019 7:22 PM

DataConnect Account Access for Non-Ipad Device Error

I am attempting to login to my DataConnect Prepaid Account at I received an error that my password was incorrect so I used the "Forgot my Password" option. Upon receiving and entering a temporary password I receive an error "You cannot manage your IPad device at this site." This is not an iPad device I am attempting to access. ATT phone support was unsuccessful at helping me. Phone support checked and it appeared as if there was no online account associated with the device. Upon instruction, I attempted to create an account at using my account number and billing zip code. From there I received a notice "Looks like you manage your account with Premier.Sign in now (SRAS162)." Phone support recommended that I do not proceed further. Until resolved, I have no ability to access my online account for this prepaid device.

Summary of Issues:

- attempting to login to DataConnect Prepaid Account that was setup upon device activation and plan purchase

- receiving error that I cannot manage my iPad device, even though this is not an iPad

- no solution though phone support


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3 months ago

 We can definitely help you with your DataConnect Pass, @mbailey. Please allow us at ask a few more details.

What kind of Android Tablet are you settings up? Are you a current wireless customer attempting to set up a prepaid data plan?

You can activate your tab while connected to EDGE, 3G, LTE or 5Ge speeds using Chrome/Firefox/Edge. Be sure the coverage exists by Have you ever set up a session based, or wireless data only plan?

Do you have any emails confirming prior account creation, payments, password updates or from autopay?

Please provide a few more details so we can help you straighten this out. Thank you.

Kenneth, AT&T Community Specialist

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Thank you.

This is a mofi device and was setup as a new device (i am not a post-paid customer and this is the only device associated with my email address.

This device was successfully setup and during activation I created an account using my email address. I received confirmation that the account was verified and created successfully. After account creation (around Dec 19) I was able to login to this account and see the active device and plan.

It was a few days ago when I tried to login to this account and received a password error. Upon receiving a temporary password and attempting to login using it I received the error noted in the previous post.

Thank you for the assistance.

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I was asked to provide additional information in a private message but I have not received an invite. Would you mind following up on this? Thanks

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This doesn't solve the problem other customers are having with this same issue, but I received an email from ATT on Feb 22 stating that my account was being cancelled. The account mentioned in the detail referred to an iPad account, not the account in reference to this issue. However, I took that to mean something had changed. So as a test I went back to the dataconnect pass website, initiated a password reset for the account that I couldn't access, received a temporary password, and logged in successfully to the problem account. I now have full access to my account as originally requested. I can't say whether there was any intervention on ATT's part or if the "account cancellation" email was part of an automated purge process. However it happened, though, I now have access to my account.


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@mbailey you referred to a mifi in an earlier post. The only data connect plan available for MiFi are limited plans of 7 or 10 GB. If you have been purchasing the unlimited data plan for iPad that plan has been discontinued because people have been using it against the terms of service - namely in a Mifi.
You can still purchase a 7 or 10 gig plan.

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a month ago

Having the same issue for weel over a month also. No help from this forum ATT personell and or phone support. Data runs out at end of month for me and cant do anything to repair.

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I have the exact same issue.. I just went through 10.. Count em 10! calls to at&t with the typical run around and call drops.

I have spoken to: Elmer, Tony, Beverly, Ashley, Anna and some one named Ivanna, although I seriously doubt her real name sounds anything like that.

I have also been on the wild IVR ride several time and told that I have to call back, the office is closed, or just a nice rude GOODBYE when my repetitive cries for a representative became annoying to the robot.

I have no problem creating a new account, I'll even eat the $35 the account just took the other day.. I have a new sim and I'm ready to go.. my only concern is that the $35 plan is no more..Perhaps this is a way to make us go away?

Any help would be appreciated.


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