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Fri, Apr 15, 2022 7:40 AM

Data usage

Please explain how data is used. To save data I have been turning data off when it is not in use and turning data on when it's used. I have used data 3 times each time for simple quick web use such as checking email or a data base, no streaming and no video chat.  First time it said I used 25mg , 2nd time said 50 mg total,  and 3rd said 70mg total. This sound like a lot of data for minimal use. Is there a minimum data amount each time data is used? Is there a data charge when data is turned on or when data is turned off?


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Im on the plan which allows 5mb of data a month and unlimited talk and text.

Dont know what "typical use" is but if typical use is 2-3 gigabytes a month then 25mb a say for a quick check of email would come out to 750 mb a month (think thats 7.5 gigabytes a month) which is way over this.

Your plan has 5GB, not 5mb. You don’t seem to understand the difference between mb and GB. 5GB is equal to 5000mb. 750mb is not equivalent to 7.5 gigabytes, 750mb is equal to 0.75 gigabytes. No, there is no minimum data usage and turning data on/off does not, by itself, use data. 5GB should be more than enough data for your usage.

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