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Monday, July 15th, 2019 5:06 PM

contacting at&t from abroad

I traveled abroad with 2 sims with a prepaid plan. I will not be in the US the coming months so I want to cancel them. I have no online access to do this as they are sending me my password to the the phone number and here I have no service to receive the message so I am not getting it. And my other phone can't call US to do this by phone. 

how can I contact at&T to provide me with a password so I can access my account?! thank you!

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4 years ago

You can not log into your prepaid account from outside of the US. It would not matter whether you could receive the new password or not. To cancel prepaid, all you need to do is stop paying. If you have autopay, your only options to stop autopay are to call or cancel your credit card. If you call, call the international support number.

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4 years ago

is it autopay? if not you just stop paying and it will go away, unfortunately if you set up autopay you will need to cancel the card attached to the autopay.

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