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Monday, June 6th, 2022 2:59 PM

Can't use my prepaid plan


I activated my sim card and used a prepaid card to pay my 40$ plan 

I can text but not call and use my data.

I can not call the service center because I can't call...

I try to reboot my device and already checked my settings, it's turn on!

Please help

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1 year ago

you think the answer is gonna be different making another post? you need a new phone

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1 year ago

Please do not create multiple posts.

You indicate you are using a Samsung Galaxy S21, where did you purchase the phone?   Is it locked to a different service provider?  Since you can send text messages but are having trouble with calls and data oh, I suspect your S21 is not on the list of phones that is capable of voice over LTE. 

Open settings, about phone, and post the full model number of the phone. 

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