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Mon, Jan 18, 2021 8:45 PM

ATandT Vesta

I have been dealing with this for months. Just this January on the 14th, they charged both 80 and 55 dollars. When I called 611 from the phone it automatically routes to ATandT. They claimed that Vesta has nothing to do with them and it was my responsibility to explore and deal with a phone I owned from vesta. Which is not true. I only have one phone with one line which I believed was safely protected and set for auto pay. 

AtamdT was set up for auto payment but after this we went back and realized that for the past few months there have been multiple charges. One comes through as an ATandT charge. The second come across in Spanish. When you call to dispute they claim it has to be because I own another phone through Vesta.

I have now had to cxl a ccd after disputing. Leaving me to wait 6-8 weeks for a replacement card or pay a large fee to overnight the card. I also need to reset each auto pay scheduled for this card. 

I am still trying to reach someone at ATandT who will take ownership but as of now...

I am getting the run around and it is only costing money and time.

1. ATandT has not accepted ownership of Vesta being the company who processes payments from the Philipines.

2. They refuse to acknowledge that I literally dial 611 from the ATandT brand new phone with their SIM card and they accept both auto payment set up and monthly payments.

3. Due to multiple payments being taken out in addition to auto payment, it has cost me EFT overdraft on my bank account because this bill has been posted more than one time. 
4. After The bank caught the multiple payments they stopped one and ATandT claimed I owed for the payment that was returned.

The payment that was returned was allegedly credited to another phone number that had nothing to do with my account. I only own one phone with one phone number.

There is a scam and more importantly how can this mega company Not care, Het away with, or deny these things are happening when you purchase a 1400 dollar phone, set up auto pay, can prove overpayments, and provide the forced additional payment after they disrupt services ALL because of the scam. I have the benefit of the doubt and tried explaining this to their fraud dept. believing that they must not be aware.

They sadly, denied any responsibility and accused me of owning another phone contract, line, or bill from this Vesta.

They Refused TO LISTEN to me that on January 14th to keep my phone in tact for business and health I paid additional payments directly to them using 611 on the phone.

They claim it is not fraud if it is prepaid.

Something has to stop this from stealing from people. I am sure I am not the only one who can not afford to pay multiple bills each month for what should be a straight forward auto payment of a set or fixed amount. 

If you have any further insight on how to proceed, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

I will keep others updated as we proceed.



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a month ago

Is your account PREpaid?

Don't mess with old people.  The older we get, the less "Life in Prison" is a deterrent.

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a month ago


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a month ago

It is terrible the world we are living in.

After hours of being on the phone...

I have yet talked with anyone at ATandT that will even acknowledge Vesta as being any company other than accusing me of having another phone account.

After cxl any card I had previously linked to my ATandT account, I took the advice of their fraud department. They gave me contact information they had for this Vesta company. Much to my surprise, Vesta answers the phone and forgive any portion of the conversation that I could not understand properly, but they claim I reached a company from the Philippines that handles all of AtandT’s billing. When I attempted to explain my challenges and financial loss due to the billing etc, double and triple payments, and challenges for the call...

They ran the phone number that I obtained directly from the ATandT AUTOMATED system. Again, when you dial 611 and follow the prompts, even AFTER you enter your own phone number, the system automatically replies with a phone number that has nothing to do with my line, phone, or even state. I had to look up the phone area code. 

How can a major phone and service company in the US NOT take ownership of what their own system is saying?

I am beyond myself from this and I have never been a person who takes the time to even join or comment on these forums. But....I am tired of so many people being dishonest. I have wasted so much time recently trying to sell items on Craigslist or Marketplace only to realize people are so intentionally bad. Times are difficult for everyone these days but there is no excuse for anyone to intentionally steal, manipulate, or misrepresent their own company. Sadly, we all depend on monetary items as necessities these days but when people become so excepting that huge companies that we all have fake securities in, because they can’t lie or take advantage...knowingly stealing from customers and from whet I’ve been reading...

this is not a new situation..,.

I truly hope that agencies such as the BBB, AG, or even criminal fraud departments will actually follow through.

I have recorded the calls I have made directly to ATandT. I have been told by at least 10 plus people that Vesta is not part of them. That I am the one that is confused. I have suffered small but significant financial loss and now have significantly more day to day stress by cxl all cards ever associated with this mega company that for years or decades I have trusted.

Very disappointing.!

I have been with ATandT for decades. My entire family has. I just this year switched from my regular contract with them to the prepaid plan because of other issues.

After being a loyal customer for decades for personal and business and ALWAYS paying upfront for my phones each time for every member of my family and business phones...

After giving up on the year and a half plus fight to get them to remove the rental fee for the devices that never should have been on my bill, always promised a credit would be reflected the next month, being told they corrected the mistake and apologizing after they verified I have paid in full for any and all devices...

I gave up when my last contract ended being out all of the overage charges for devices I paid anywhere from 1000 to 1400 plus. 

I thought doing the prepaid was safer and removed the battle of correcting my bill each month or spending the monthly hours on the phone only to be let down by broken promises....

After this new chapter of dealing with them..

I feel like they know I live and rely on their towers being the best and only option where I live and work and they truly do not care what their customers endure.

Because they know they have a product that anyone that lives where we do...

Will need them to have reliable service. 

This is extremely disheartening.

I strongly and sadly caution Others to watch their bill. If they are being Double or triple charged, good luck and cxl your cards connected. The biggest scam out of this is that they quote a plan of 75.00 and if you set up auto payment it is 55.00,

They do NOT inform you...

As soon as you do this, The company who handles billing will not care if others have hacked their systems to give you multiple charges and even create additional phone lines which link to ATandT’s own auto system.

I just can not believe this is really happening. 

Good luck to others and be Good to yourself and others. 

God Bless 


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a month ago

Okay let's keep this simple.

    Someone either skimmed your card or stole your card number and is now using it to pay for prepaid service.

It happens all the time at atm and gas stations.   They charge something small first. 

You should be reading your statement to make sure there isn't anything else being charged in error. The only solution is to cancel your card.

Unless you're in another country it should not take six to eight weeks, it should take more like six to eight business days to get a new card to you through regular mail.

Just had to do mine a couple weeks ago 

There is no account number or other information attached to the charge that shows up on your debit or credit card, so there is no way for AT&T to track back your charge to whoever it is that skimmed your number. 

🐾 I don’t work for AT&T or any carrier. Never have, never will. My replies are based on experience and reading content available on the website. If you posted personal information, please edit and remove.

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