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Fri, Jun 8, 2018 8:59 PM

Why is my LTE data so slow?

It started at the end of April. All my phones (4 phones) began getting terrible speeds. All were showing LTE, all had good signal, but could never get about 3MB up/down. It would start out at 12-5MB then drop to 3 and hold there. This looks like throttling to me. Especially since ALL the phones on my plan are suffering from it. I called in, verified we were not throttled, even did some resets... no change. Replaced the SIM card in one, again no change. I have been through the phone system twice. I have been through your Facebook reps more times than I can count. I was told there was nothing wrong so they couldn't fix anything. This is not acceptable, not for what I pay a month. I can barely browse the web forget downloading apps or streaming. Now I am into the 2nd month of this crap and no one has taken my complaint seriously! ENOUGH! I need to speak with someone higher up than just customer service.


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