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Friday, September 25th, 2015 2:23 PM

What are my options for iPhone 6s upgrades?

I have an old (grandfathered) "FamilyTalk Nation 700 w Rollover" plan ($60/mo) with 5 phone and "Family Messaging Unlimited" ($30/mo).


I have 5 phones in my plan:


Mine - $30/mo unlimited data (Grandfathered) - iPhone 6+

Wife - $30/mo 3GB data - iPhone 5c + $9.99 for FamilyTalk plan

Son - $30/mo 3GB data - iPhone 6 + $9.99 for FamilyTalk plan

Mom - $20/mo 300 MB data - iPhone 5c + $9.99 for FamilyTalk plan

Dad - Dumbphone + $9.99 for FamilyTalk plan


My and my son's phones are eligible next year.  My Mom's phone is paid for

My wife's 5c is eligible in November 2015.


I want to keep my unlimited data - come what may!! I haven't (and won't) switch to the shared data plans if that means losing my unlimited data.


Will there be any reduction in my fees after my wife's phone rolls off the contract in November? I don't think so ... but I want to confirm.


What are my options for getting an iPhone 6s for my wife in November?

  • Sign a new 2 yr contract?
  • Buy the phone on monthly payments (no subsidy)?
  • Buy an unlocked phone from Apple (no subsidy)?

I am inclined to sign the 2 yr contract and get the subsidy, as there is no cost reduction in bringing my own device, as long as I want my unlimited data .. This is my understanding.  Please correct me if I am mistaken.


Any other thoughts on how to keep my unlimited data and get 6s this year and 2 new phones next year (for me and my son)?


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9 years ago

Since you are on a legacy Family Talk plan, there are no cost reductions for completing your contract or bringing your own phone or upgrading via Next, etc, etc. Your plan costs will remain the same regardless of how you upgrade. The options you listed for upgrading are pretty much it. Consequently, your best option as long as you keep your existing plan is the 2 year contract upgrade. Be advised the only way to get 2 year contract pricing is to order online at or at an ATT corporate store and have it sent to you.


I can understand your reluctance to give up unlimited data but I urge you to look at your actual data usage to see if it is really worth it. My family plan looked much like yours in that I was the only one with unlimited data. When I looked at how much data I acutally used each month, it was a no brainer to switch to mobile share for me. I still have all the data I need and the rest of the family has much more than they previously had plus I cut my monthly bill significantly. With the number of phones on your account and all the data charges, you could really lower your monthly bill by switching to mobile share and when you consider how much you can save over the span of a 2 year contract, that savings may more than pay for the cost of upgrading.



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9 years ago

Could you give me an idea of the montly running cost for a newer plan with 4 smartphones and 1 feature phone with different tiers of shared data coat/amounts?


I figure that my added cost now beyond the voice minutes, is 4 x $30 = $120 and a $30 txting plan for a total of $150 + voice (which need not be much.. we don't talk a lot).


So, under the newer plans, what talk+data+txt would I get for my current expense of:


$60 (voice) + $30 (txt) + $120 (data) = $210 /mo?


Conversely, what would it cost for a plan (voice+txt+data with, say 15 GB shared?


Keep in mind that I'll have to pay for my devices if I go to the newer plans.


This is soooo complicated.



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