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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 4:21 AM

Using Recurring Passport for two trips with U.S. return in between.

I need a plan to cover a trip this month (one week, to country A) and next month (2.5 weeks, to country B), with a return home in between for about 10 days.

My question is: Will my 3GB data limit (assuming Passport or Recurring Passport) be eaten up when I return to the US, or will it only be counted against when I'm using data in countries A&B, overseas?  I'd hate to get it and then have my time back in the US eat up some/all of the 3GB.


Or can two plans overlap?  One would still be in effect when I left for Trip 2, but would expire too soon, so I'd have to buy a second plan to get me to the end of Trip 2.



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6 years ago

Hello @write_light!

Thank you so much for reaching out here on the Community Forums! We know how important it is to get all the information you need before going out of the country and getting an international plan. I can help!

When in the U.S., you should not be able to use the GB from the international Passport plan at all as it is set differently than your regular plan. We can also set one plan to end when you are in the US then start when you leave for country B.

If you would like I can send you a private message to your Forum’s Inbox and we can look further into this and get them added!

Hope this helps!

Jackie, AT&T Community Specialist

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