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Thursday, December 16th, 2021 3:05 PM

Switched from grandfathered iphone unlimited plan

After the FCC settlement (which I never really saw a penny from), I knew the only thing tethering me to this plan is the previous idea that somehow it was the best plan AT&T had and that's why they discontinued it and tried to switch people off of it. 

I think 5-7 years ago, that statement was true, but after looking at AT&T's current plans which are unlimited there is no comparison in features or price that makes sense to keep the grandfathered iPhone unlimited plan. 

I write this simply to ease the fears that any other "holdouts" have about making the switch. Our AT&T bill went from $142.25/month to $112.5/month, and now my wife and I both have unlimited data, text, and voice, and have 40gb of hotspot! Holding onto a voice and data plan from 2012 is probably the most "boomer" thing I have done as a millennial, and I regret not making the switch earlier.

The biggest drawbacks with the grandfathered iPhone unlimited plan are as follows:

  1. You can't upgrade your other lines to the newer plans. Our text and voice plan was straight out of 2012. We still had night and weekend minutes, mobile to mobile minutes, roll over minutes, etc... it's a bit embarrassing comparing my old plan to my new plan. For someone who thinks they are a "techie", keeping this old plan is anything but...
  2. Old data plans for the other phones on my account often resulted in overage charges. My wife's data plan was capped at 3GBs (again, straight out of 2012), and we often got the dreaded "Your phone is over data, we have automatically added 1GB of data for $10" message. 
  3. You can't participate in upgrade plans, often having to buy iPhones outright. Switching to the new unlimited plans now allows me to participate. 
  4. No hotspot data. We were having to pay $35 for all 3 of our iPads for data every month, plus $25/month for our vehicle hotspot. That's an immediate savings of $130 / month in data plans. 
  5. We were paying $30/month for "family unlimited" text messaging. Which is kind of ridiculous to have to pay in 2021 when 90% of all messages are iMessage. But without that plan, you're paying 10c / message. 
  6. 22GB data prioritization. Post FCC settlement, AT&T was allowed to reprioritize the grandfathered unlimited plans after 22GBs. I hit this limit every month, and the difference in speed was beyond noticeable. With the unlimited elite plan I now have 100GBs before data is prioritized. 
  7. Free HBO Max (another $14.99/month savings). 
  8. You can't add Apple Watches or other devices with eSim to your voice plan. 
  9. Discounts only apply to the main line, they don't apply to additional lines, and you don't get Autopay discount.

So lets do a bottom line comparison, 

Old Plan - $142.25/month

My Phone Line  $102.25 / month
Voice Plan (400 with N&W and Rollover) $40.00 / month
Data unlimited for iPhone on 4G LTE $45.00 / month
Family Messaging Unlimited $30.00 / month
Discount ($12.75) / month
Wife's Phone  $40.00/month
Additional Line to Main Voice $9.99 / month
DataPro 3GB for iPhone $30.00 / month

New Plan - $112.5

Both Lines $56.25/month
AT&T Unlimited Elite $85.00/month
Autopay Discount ($10) / month
Military Discount ($18.74) / month

Monthly Savings = $29.75

But it's much more than this, because we eliminated the following monthly "extras" that are now free. 

Extra Data Plans due to lack of hotspot capability - $141.42 / month

Vehicle Hotspot $25.00 / month
iPad Data $35.00 / month
iPad Data $35.00 / month
iPad Data $35.00 / month
HBO Max $14.99 / month

Total Savings / month with the new plans after letting go of the grandfathered iPhone plan = $171.27!!!

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2 years ago

Glad you finally figured it out. The forum regulars have been advising holdouts on that old plan to switch for years. One correction, though. ATT hasn’t throttled any unlimited plans since that FCC suit was filed. When you hit the 22GB threshold on that old plan or any threshold on any current or grandfathered unlimited plan, your data is reprioritized, not throttled. That means data might be slowed but only if network congestion requires it. Throttling is when data is slowed whether it needs to be or not. 

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2 years ago

Thanks for the clarification, I guess I thought it was "throttling" because the text message I received every month talked specifically about speed of service, I get the difference now. 


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2 years ago

One correction... 

The elite plan does not have 100 GB deprioritization threshold, that threshold was removed. You now have truly unlimited on the phone itself with no deprioritization.

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2 years ago

That is a great written account about upgrading from your previous grandfathered plan, @justadad!


Also, we've included Data usage support for managing & getting the most from your data plan. You will find helpful tips on how to avoid going over your 22GB data allowance in a single bill period.


The information in your detailed experience will be valuable to anyone considering making the switch. Thank you for your participation in our Community and Forums.


Enjoy the rest of your day!


Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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